More About Sure Cast

What is Sure Cast?

Sure Cast is a small HD media streaming device with big power and capabilities!  It simply connects to your HD TV, and instantly turns it into a smart TV with access to unlimited entertainment without having to pay for any monthly fees, contracts or subscriptions.  Enjoy all of your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, and more by streaming content through your Sure Cast.
Sure Cast was built to run streaming media at a maximum.  The box is small, but the power is big! We used only the best quality processors and functions to keep your streaming fast and in high quality.
The Sure Cast Team automatically updates your Sure Cast device!  We will always keep your content fresh and updated so you never have to worry about anything but deciding on what awesome new movie, show, or sports game your going to watch tonight.

Getting Started

Quick Start Guide:

  1. Turn your Sure Cast on
  2. Go to “Setting” on the home screen
  3. Enter your Network Connection and Password
  4. Click Connect
  5. Go back to the Home Screen
  6. Launch KODI
  7. Start exploring and enjoy! 🙂

Quick Tip Videos

Setting up your network

Exploring your Sure Cast TV Box
Guide to your remote
Updating Your Date & Time
Network Speed Test
Clearing cache and cleaning memory


For Orders or Questions, please email us or contact your local dealer: